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An expose of the fraudulent scientific "evidence" presented by the
NYC Dept. of Health and the CDC against Traditional Bris Milah
(Note: this is a highly technical four-part Powerpoint presentation
prepared for doctors and scientists)

Israel Jewish population
BrisMILAH has always been a happy occassion for the entire family

"Your Destroyers Will Come from Among You"
A Lecture from World-Famous Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

"We expect the symbols of a lasting faith, where they touch the body,
to be safe and intelligent in themselves, not to kill the faithful off"

"The Mohel's familiarity with the surgical problems and their possible complications make him the proper man for it. Accidents can occur under the most skilled hands on earth, but the parents can do no more to ensure the infant's safety than to get a qualified Mohel."

--Herman Wouk, This is My G-D

World Famous Mohel and WWII War Hero
Avrohom "Romi" Cohn

Why Circumcise Your Baby Boy?
An Important Message for New Jewish Mothers

Who is More Skilled at Doing Covenantal Circumcision--BrisMILAH

The Hypocrisy of the Anti BrisMILAH Activists:
Wholesale Murder of Children in the Womb--YES!

Is the American Elite Turning its Back on G-D?
Increasingly, among America's elite--in government, media, and education--
G-D has become
"Persona non-Grata"

"All the great evils which men cause to each other
originate in ignorance, which is the absence of wisdom."

--Maimonides, The Guide for the Perplexed

"To See That Which is in Front of One's Nose,
Requires A Constant Struggle."

--George Orwell

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
-- George Orwell

"It's Difficult to Get A Man to Understand Something,
if His Salary Depends on His not Understanding It"
--Upton Sinclair

Quisling Jews and Anti-Semites Attack Religious Practices 

The Perversion of the "Precautionary Principle"
Bigoted Atheists at the NYC Board of Health Casually Disparage BrisMILAH, Because They--Like Most
Members of the Governing elite--Believe that All Religions are Mere Superstition: "Opiates of the People"

What is Circumcision?

"Nutrition is the most important of all environmental factors
in childbearing, whether the problem is considered
from the point of view of the mother or that of the offspring."

--Sir Edward Mellanby

Michael Savage has Revealed his Deep Resentment of Religious Jews

Medical Scoundrels
at the NYC Dept. Of Health
Susan Blank--"Tabula rasa"
Susan Blank and Julia Schillinger
Cook-Up a Blood Libel Against
Orthodox Rabbis Who perform BrisMILAH
(A Video Powerpoint Presentation)
Why are they twisting the facts? Do they have a hidden agenda?

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 
"Blood Libel" Against the Rabbis

Bloomberg Lectures the Rabbis at His Office in New York's City Hall 
"I would have arrested Abraham!"

NY City Conducts A Disinformation Campaign
Against Jewish Covenantal Circumcision (BrisMILAH)

Terrified Jewish Parents,
in America, Europe, and Israel,
Stop Practicing BrisMILAH

Circumcision and the Eighth Day

Some Jewish Parents are Circumcising their Children in the Hospital Right after Birth.
But, since 
A Jewish BrisMILAH Cannot be Performed before the Eighth Day,
Such a Procedure is not Valid in Jewish Law

Such Parents need to Contact A Certified Mohel (ritual circumciser)
and Request A Corrective Procedure to Initiate their Child into
the Covenant of Abraham and the Jewish People.

Find A Certified Mohel (Jewish Rabbi/Ritual Circumciser) Here
A Certified Mohel is an Circumcision Expert, who Has Met the Rigorous Standards of Halacha (Jewish Law) and Has Demonstrated His Expertise While Serving a Long Internship
Under A Senior Mohel.

The Health and Safety of Your baby is Always the First and Most Important Consideration.

Doctors Who Neglectfully Kill Innocent People
All the Facts About Traditional BrisMILAH
Factual Information For Medical Professionals
Who Want to know the Truth About Traditional BrisMILAH
Are the NYC Dept. of Health 
and the Centers for Disease Control
Playing with A Full Deck?

Lost Jew
For Jews Who have Lost their Way, and
Sincerely Desire to Recover their Authentic Jewish Heritage.

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